5 secretos de las compañías de seguros que hay que conocer

Because insurance companies care about profits, they look for many different ways to deny claims, even if they’re valid. Unfortunately, they do this by taking advantage of your rights. Here are some of the secrets you should know about insurance companies to protect your rights.

1. They Use Your Recorded Statement Against You

Insurance companies will request you to provide a recorded statement to better understand what happened in the accident. This recorded statement, however, is often used against you. Adjusters are looking for you to contradict your initial statement or say something they can use to deny your claim. You have the right to have legal counsel during this process.

2. Adjusters Don’t Want You to Have a Lawyer

Adjusters will try to convince you that you don’t need legal counsel, and you can get through the process without a lawyer. Keep in mind, they’re protecting profits, and a lawyer threatens that mission. A lawyer helps to maximize your claim and pursue the compensation you need.

3. Your First Doctor Visit is Vital

While insurance companies may ask you to see a doctor in their network, your initial hospital visit is one of the most important steps for your claim. During this visit, explain to your doctor everything that you are experiencing, including all injuries and pains, no matter how severe. The more information you provide in the first visit, the better it prevents insurance providers from lying about your physical health.

4. Adjusters Know Most Answers to Questions They Ask You

Insurance adjusters may have most of the answers to the questions they ask you during the process. They’re trained negotiators, and they want to get you to say something that damages your claim. Be sure you have legal counsel who can advise you through the process.

5. Insurance Companies Want All People to Think Lawsuits are Frivolous

Insurance companies market extensively to get people to think lawsuits are frivolous. They then feel that they can go through the process on their own. Make sure you protect your rights and get legal counsel on your side.

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