Consejos de seguridad para su viaje de verano por carretera

You can never predict when someone else is going to be reckless or negligent and cause a severe crash. However, you can take various steps to help decrease the chances of a collision occurring. If you are planning on taking a summer road trip, ensure you take all of the necessary precautions to avoid a catastrophic crash.

5 Tips to Keep You Safe

  1. Maintain your vehicle: Make sure that your vehicle is properly maintained. Check and change oil, brakes, tires, the battery, and every other part of the vehicle.
  2. Keep your focus on the road: We know there are plenty of distractions for drivers, but it’s vital to focus on what’s ahead of you. Look to the road and avoid unnecessary distractions.
  3. Know your route and have a plan. If you’re taking a road trip, you want to know your route ahead of time. Looking at your GPS or a map on your phone can divert your attention from driving. Also, make sure you have places to rest for longer trips.
  4. Give others space: Vehicles can surround you when you’re on the road. While you can’t control the vehicle to your rear, you can give space to the vehicle in front of you. If the vehicle behind you rear-ends your vehicle, the additional space prevents you from hitting the car in front of you.
  5. Keep an emergency kit: You never know when something can go wrong. However, you can prepare with an emergency kit which includes a car charger for your phone (in case you need to call or take photos after a crash), a first aid kit, and flares to prevent another crash.

If you suffer an injury in a crash involving someone else’s negligent actions, know that you have rights. Our car accident lawyers at Dunk Law Firm are here to help. We represent clients across the nation, providing the highest level of care when it matters most. Trust us to give you a voice when you need it!

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