El riesgo oculto en cada parada de camiones

There’s a hidden risk art every truck stop in America. From coast to coast, the danger is the same. But this problem is somewhat unique because it is truck drivers who are most often injured. What is this silent danger? Allow us to explain.

Driving Blind

Truck stops are designed to maximize space, keeping as many trucks in as small a lot as possible. To do this, truck drivers often have to back into narrow spaces. The problem is that young and inexperienced truck drivers are often unaware of their blind spot (also called their no-zone).

Backing into a spot is difficult for most drivers. Backing into spot with almost no visibility and a pivoting tractor trailer is even harder. For that reason, it’s not uncommon for truck drivers to either accidentally back into another truck or a pole. For these reasons, it is not especially uncommon for pedestrians (usually fellow truck drivers) to be struck by inexperienced drivers who aren’t attentive to their surroundings and the limitations of their no-zone..

Addressing the Problem

Truck stop crashes have become more common in recent years and there are two factors that might point to why. The first is that the advent of dashcams makes these crashes (even the minor ones) more likely to be noticed and reported.

The second issue is driver training. The requirements needed to earn a Commericial Driver’s License (CDL) have changed significantly over the past few years. New drivers are getting less training than ever and they are leaving the industry before they have the experience that would help them avoid future crashes, especially in high-stress environments.

Without the training needed to avoid these incidents, it seems these truck stop crashes may continue to increase, causing more property damage and potentially fatal injuries. Difficult as it may be, it is important that those struck by a truck pursue damages from those who harmed them, even if they are a fellow truck driver.

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