¿Cuáles son las 3 intersecciones más peligrosas de Memphis?

What are the three most dangerous intersections in Memphis? The data can change from source to source and year over year, but there are three intersections that are commonly cited as the worst of the worst in terms of car accidents:

  • Winchester and Riverdale
  • Poplar Avenue and Highland
  • Winchester and Kirby

When you are driving through Memphis, you should be particularly careful around these three intersections. The sheer number of drivers around will make it more likely that you will encounter a negligent motorist around them.

Memphis’s Most Dangerous Highway

Setting aside the three most dangerous intersections in Memphis, you should also be aware of the city’s most dangerous highway: the I-240. Spanning half the city in a half-circle, the I-240 runs west-to-east past the Memphis International Airport before turning northward toward the I-40. Because of its placement and the busy offramps along it – Graceland is also just south of the I-240 – this highway sees an inordinate number of crashes each year.

What to Do After a Crash in Memphis

If you are ever hit while driving through Memphis – either at a busy intersection, along a dangerous highway, or elsewhere – you should call an attorney as soon as possible. Taking a case against a negligent driver is rarely simple, especially if the driver wants to deny any wrongdoing. They could make your life much more difficult by forcing you to find ways to prove that you were not liable. With an attorney at your side, though, you will not only discourage them from wrongfully blaming you, but you will also be ready to create a claim that supports your argument.

For reliable legal help right here in Memphis, contact Dunk Law Firm to speak with one of our motor vehicle accident attorneys. We are here to answer your call all the time, and we offer weekend and after-hour consultations for your convenience.

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