¿Dónde ocurren la mayoría de los accidentes de coche en Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is the busiest city and metropolitan area in Wisconsin. It is perhaps no surprise to find that the city is also one of the worst areas in the state for car accidents per capita. Each year, there are thousands of car accidents within Milwaukee’s city limits. Where are most of these car accidents happening in Milwaukee, so you can try to avoid those problem streets and highways?

The layout of Milwaukee and the incomplete records of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation make it difficult to know exactly where most car accidents are happening in the city. A quick look at a street map of Milwaukee will reveal a tangle of major roads and highways, which get particularly busy with drivers during rush hour.

To name only some of the busiest highways and streets in Milwaukee:

  • I-794
  • I-43
  • I-41
  • I-94
  • Route 175
  • Route 190
  • Route 145
  • Route 38
  • Route 100
  • Route 24

Capitol Drive – or Route 190 – is especially infamous among locals for its reckless drivers, packed lanes, and high rate of car accidents. The route cuts across the city, starting all the way in the west in Pewaukee and stretching east to the edge of Lake Michigan. The route’s placement and direction make it a popular choice for commuters and commercial trucks that need to traverse the length of the city. Naturally, the more motorists there are on a single stretch of road, the higher the risk that a motor vehicle accident will occur.

If you want to stay safe while driving through Milwaukee, then you can try to plan routes that avoid these routes and highways. Also, from East Town west to the Aurora Sinai Medical Center is also an area known for busy traffic during peak times. Using your GPS before heading out is always a good idea, especially if you are new to the city and haven’t figured out its many streets and alternative routes yet.

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