Por qué en julio se producen más infracciones por conducir bajo los efectos del alcohol

When it comes to car crashes, July is one of the deadliest months of the year. Not only does this month consistently see around 3,200 traffic-related fatalities each year, but many of these are caused by drunk drivers.

Still, it raises the question of why July has more DUIs. There are two reasons: Independence Day and teen drivers

4th of July

An estimated 2% of America’s annual 1.5 million DUI arrests occur on the night of Independence Day alone. That’s 30,000 arrests in a single day! Each of these arrests keeps a drunk driver off the road and saves lives. But even with this aggressive traffic enforcement, around 200 Americans lose their lives to drunk drivers every 4th of July.

Preventing these crashes starts with intervention. If you ever see an intoxicated person trying to leave a party or a bar, speak up and stop them from behind the wheel if at all possible.

Teen Drivers

Independence day is only part of the problem, crashes are still high throughout the rest of the month, and teen drivers are one of the top contributing factors. This has to do with the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer,” the phenomenon where teen drivers are 25% more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash during summer vacation.

Teen drinking, in particular, accounts for 1-in-4 car crash fatalities during the summer. While these crashes should be preventable when teens recognize the signs of intoxication, many teens are prone to accepting a ride from a friend they know is unsafe to drive.

During summer vacation, parents of teens should take a moment to educate their children on the dangers of drinking and driving and emphasize the importance of calling for help if they or their friends are ever unsafe to drive.

Preventing all of these accidents starts at home and with friends and family. When someone is clearly unsafe to drive, others must step in to stop them from driving home, even if they only live up the street. When we all look out for each other, we can prevent these DUIs and save lives.

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