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When a storm wrecks your house, it won’t feel like your home until it is repaired. Thankfully, you have storm damage insurance that should pay for everything needed to fix it up again. Unthankfully, your insurance company is making your life difficult by fighting your storm damage claim at every step. What can you do to set things right?

Call (800) 674-9339 and connect with Dunk Law Firm – that’s what! We are a nationwide and eclectic team of highly experienced attorneys who have spent collective decades going head-to-head with major insurance companies in a variety of case types. If your insurer is acting in bad faith to try to deny or devalue your storm damage claim, then we’ll be ready to challenge them in your name.

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What to Do When Filing a Storm Damage Claim

Large storms that wash over the nation pose a serious issue for homeowners and property owners who need to file a property damage claim once the danger has passed. Insurance companies can get inundated with thousands of claims at once following a rough storm. To try to protect their profits from the incoming wave of potential payouts, some dishonest insurance companies will do anything they can to reject a claim, even if that means violating their contract agreements. You can make things more difficult for them by knowing what to do when filing a claim ahead of time.

Here are five things you should do when filing a storm damage claim:

  • Inspect your property: As soon as it is safe again, inspect your property and photograph every piece of damage you see, no matter how small it might seem. You don’t want to wait too long, or the insurance company will try to say the damage was caused by something else.
  • Review your policy: Once your inspection is complete, check your policy the same day and look for anything that might be a problem, like exclusions for certain types of damage.
  • Protect your home: It might be a few days before you can even schedule an insurance adjuster to look at your property. Your home could be damaged further in the meantime by the aftermath of the storm. Take steps to protect it, like covering any holes with a strong outdoor-rated tarp. If you don’t try to mitigate future damages, then the insurance company could blame you for everything and deny your claim.
  • Speak to an appraiser: Check to see if any storm repair specialists or contractors in your area offer free or low-cost property valuations. Arrange for them to view your property, catalog the damage, and give an assessment of what it would cost to repair everything. You can use their information to compare to what the insurance adjuster says later.
  • Contact our firm: Either before or after you talk to a third-party appraiser, contact Dunk Law Firm. We can get your case moving sooner than later and help you with initial filings, hopefully, to reduce your chances of encountering bad faith insurance tactics.

Is Flood Damage Covered in Your Policy?

Of note, many storm damage policies do not cover floodwater damage, only damage caused by the wind and rain, like a tree that falls onto the roof. Floodwater damage is often excluded because it is technically caused by a “flood,” not the storm itself. We can review your claim to see if this exclusion is present. Even if it is, there might be a way to refute it if we determine that the policy is one-sided or unreasonably restrictive.

Bringing a Legal Storm to the Opposition

Dunk Law Firm is known for standing up to insurance companies of all sizes. After your home has suffered water damage, wind damage, and other forms of damage from a fierce storm, we can be there to ensure you don’t suffer even more at the hands of a shady insurance company. This is what we have been doing for years, so insurers know our name. More importantly, they know our clients are protected and ready to fight back if any illegal bad faith insurance tactics are used against them.

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