Abogados de accidentes de camiones de mudanza en Memphis

En Dunk Law Firm, realmente nos preocupamos por todos y cada uno de nuestros clientes. Sabemos que estar involucrado en un accidente inesperado o perder a un ser querido en un incidente trágico es abrumador. Estamos aquí para ayudar.

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Abogados de accidentes de camiones de mudanza en Memphis

Representing People Hit by Moving Trucks

Moving trucks are large and notoriously difficult to handle, which is why it is odd that so most drivers can rent them without any sort of special license. When an unqualified driver crashes their moving truck into someone else, they should be held liable for the damage that they have caused.

Dunk Law Firm in Memphis can help you pursue fair compensation after you were hit by a moving truck. We accept cases involving crashes caused by people renting moving trucks and accidents caused by professional moving truck drivers who are working for a moving company. In either situation, we are ready to do everything we can to get the most compensation for you.

Dial (901) 231-4779 to talk to our Memphis moving truck accident attorneys.

Rental Moving Truck Accidents

When someone rents a moving truck like a U-Haul, they take full responsibility for the control of the vehicle. Even if they have never driven a large truck before, they need to drive the moving truck safely. Otherwise, they can be held liable for any crashes that they cause while driving the rental vehicle.

Causes of rental moving truck accidents include:

  • Misunderstanding of the truck’s larger braking distance
  • Not realizing the size of the truck’s blind spots
  • Not setting the truck’s side and rear mirrors correctly
  • Difficulty making safe, clean turns in the larger truck

If you have been hit by someone driving a rental truck, a U-Haul, or a U-Haul trailer, then you might be able to get compensation from more than one insurance policy. Our moving truck accident attorneys in Memphis can investigate the situation to determine how many policies we can file against to maximize your chances of getting the most amount of compensation for your injuries.

We can usually file against one or more of these policies:

  • Renter’s insurance purchased by the driver and sold by the moving truck rental company.
  • Renter’s insurance policy included in the driver’s usual auto insurance policy.
  • Driver’s usual auto insurance policy if other policies are insufficient or nonexistent.

Moving Company Truck Accidents

Being in a truck accident caused by a moving company is a slightly different situation than when you are hit by someone who rented the truck. Specifically, the moving truck company should have a large insurance policy for accidents just like yours. Whether they are willing to pay for your damages or not is a different question altogether.

We highly recommend you call our moving truck accident lawyers at (901) 231-4779 right away if you were hit by a moving company’s truck, either as a driver or a pedestrian. You can expect that the company will try to deny liability and their insurer will resist paying you anything. This is all the more likely if you were severely injured in the accident. Prepare for the difficulties of such a case by starting with our guidance and counsel.

Initial Consultations are Free for Truck Accident Clients

You deserve reliable legal counsel after being in a moving truck accident. Make sure you work with a team that doesn’t add even more stress to your day by giving you the runaround. Come to Dunk Law Firm in Memphis, and we will show you the five-star client experience that has made us famous in the city and beyond. Whenever we take on a case, we put ourselves to the task of getting the most possible compensation for our clients because that’s what we would expect if the situation was the other way around!

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