Memphis Abogado de lesiones por accidente de camión

En Dunk Law Firm, realmente nos preocupamos por todos y cada uno de nuestros clientes. Sabemos que estar involucrado en un accidente inesperado o perder a un ser querido en un incidente trágico es abrumador. Estamos aquí para ayudar.

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Memphis Abogado de lesiones por accidente de camión

Lawsuits for Serious Injuries Suffered in Truck Accidents

Did you suffer a serious injury in a truck accident? The trucking company and its insurer could owe you a serious amount of compensation, but only if you can fight them for it. Don’t assume that they are going to hand over the money you need. Prepare for the worst by teaming up with local favorites at Dunk Law Firm. Our Memphis truck accident injury lawyers are always ready for anything that an insurance company can throw at our clients.

Stand with us. We’ll fight for your rights together. Call (901) 231-4779.

What are Common Injuries from Truck Accidents?

Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles. When a truck accident occurs, the vast differences in size and mass causes havoc. The force of the impact will do the most damage to the smaller vehicle, so catastrophic injuries are quite common in truck accident cases.

Common injuries suffered in truck accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): A violent blow to the head can cause a TBI, either open or closed. Brain injuries are as dangerous as they are permanent. Lifelong symptoms can include memory issues, speech impediments, chronic pain, and severe disabilities.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Damage to the spinal cord can cause immediate and permanent paralysis. The higher up the spine the damage occurs, the more widespread the paralysis will be. Severe damage to the cervical spine can cause quadriplegia, for example.
  • Broken bones: Fractures to the arms, legs, ribs, and clavicles are fairly common in truck accidents. Bone breaks are caused when a driver is rocked around the inside of their vehicle, and they are much more likely when someone is not wearing a seatbelt at the time of a crash.
  • Permanent disfiguration and scarring: Lacerations and burns can cause permanent disfigurations and scars when they heal. Oftentimes, such lingering injuries are also accompanied by lasting or chronic pain and discomfort.

What Kind of Compensation Can You Get for Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries call for extensive medical care that patients in other types of accidents usually never require. The cost of this care can be astounding. Furthermore, undergoing weeks of hospitalization and enduring surgeries will mean missing work and lost paychecks. When everything adds up, the money that you need to recover from your injuries in a truck accident can be significant.

Compensation that you should get for a catastrophic truck injury claim should be:

  • Medical costs, including past and future medical care
  • Lost wages, including past and future income losses
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional trauma
  • Costs for living adjustments like wheelchair ramps
  • Difficulties caused by new disabilities
  • Lowered life expectancy due to lingering complications

What Happens If Someone Dies in a Truck Accident?

When a truck accident causes fatal injuries, the surviving family members of the deceased can likely bring a wrongful death claim and a survival action against the truck driver and trucking company. Damages in such cases are similar to a catastrophic injury claim, but also expand to include costs associated with the death, like burial costs and the pain of lost companionship experienced by family members. Surviving spouses get the first opportunity to file a claim, followed by children and personal representatives of the deceased’s estate.

Call Now to Start Your Truck Accident Injury Case

Dunk Law Firm in Memphis has secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients who were severely injured in truck accidents. We would be honored to get the opportunity to fight for your right to maximum compensation, too. Please call at (901) 231-4779 and tell our firm about your accident today.

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